Claim Services

Preparation for the unexpected is what the insurance business is all about. However, if another major catastrophe strikes will you be ready? Can you withstand the flood of paperwork, the drain of resources, the breach of capacity? Are you really prepared? Allied American Insurance Services offers you Services for Today and Services for Tomorrow.

Services for Today
Partnering with Allied American Claims Services today is a wise business strategy that can prove to be even smarter in the future. You’ll have the peace of mind knowing you have access to a depth of manpower and resources matched only by the experience and knowledge of our management team. Allied American is staffed by seasoned insurance professionals along with an experienced support staff, many of who have worked in the business for decades all over the country from management positions to field adjusting.

Services for Tomorrow
By planning ahead and establishing a partnership with Allied American, you are assured that we will be there when you have the greatest need. Our key relationships with staff and independent adjusters allow us to respond to a wide spectrum of claims on both a day-to-day and catastrophe basis. Through a cutting-edge custom claims management application, we remain linked with our clients, adjusters and policyholders 24/7 365 days a year.